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Circular Economy Systems, through the Bioconversion and Upcycling of Organic By-products and Organic Waste | BSFL Insect Protein | BSFL Biofertilizer | Living Biological Material |

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Applied Biotechnology of Black Soldier Fly Larva

We design Circular Economy systems tailored to our clients, to value their by-products and / or organic waste, generating products with added value through the use of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens) .

Our clients are livestock producers with requirements for High Quality Protein and all those companies that generate organic by-products that want a sustainable solution for the disposal and recovery of their waste.

Illucens México aligns with 6 of the World Sustainable Development Goals, focused on ending poverty, protecting the planet and guaranteeing peace and prosperity for all people by 2030.



Research + Innovation + Development

Illucens México is the first company in the Southeast of the Republic to work with the Black Soldier Fly Larvae specie (Hermetia illucens), as a tool for the development of biotechnological products and services with added value.

With the mission of our organization always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to face this challenge presented by the current situation worldwide.

Developing new sustainable technologies based on insects is our contribution to a promising future for new generations.


Circular Economy

The term "LSN Bioconversion" refers to the treatment applied to organic by-products (organic waste), using the Black Soldier Larvae (Hermetia illucens).
The process consists of inoculating the young LSN (Black Soldier Larvae) on the substrates to be treated. After 2 weeks, the larvae will have consumed all the substrate, transforming into a biomass rich in protein, essential amino acids, fats and valuable microelements.
These Black Soldier Larvae can then be processed as Insect Protein and included back into the animal nutrition cycle.
The LSN Bioconversion processes help the environment by preventing tons of organic waste from ending up in landfills and the subsequent emission of GHG.

LSN Bioconversion is the process of recovering the nutrients that are still present in organic waste.
LSN Bioconversion is a Up-cycling and revaluation technique for by-products and organic waste.

Organic Waste is NOT garbage, it is the Raw Material of our Biotechnological System of Circular Economy.

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LSN Insect Protein

The adult Black Soldier Fly Larvae at the end of the Bioconversion process are benefited and processed, obtaining a Sustainable Raw Material, of high digestibility and important nutritional value for animals, specially formulated for Poultry, Aquaculture and Swine Neonates.


The LSN Insect Protein has an important content of Chitin, which offers immunomodulation effects, improving the health of the young and reducing the mortality rate within the production cycle.

LSN Insect Protein is a Sustainable, Real and Immediate alternative to traditional animal feed sources that are environmentally unsustainable, such as MealFish and Soybean Meals.

This is how at Illucens México we declare our commitment to innovation and the development of nutritious animal feed lines, through sustainable processes and the revaluation of organic by-products, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint and environmental impact.



Biostimulant and Soil Conditioner and Improver

At the end of the LSN Bioconversion process to which By-products and Organic Residues are subjected, the BSFL generate a substrate that we call LSN Biofertilizer, which is a product rich in Chitin, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), for its application and use in crops and lands, both organic and traditional ones.


The LSN Biofertilizer is an efficient conditioner and ecological soil improver and, in addition, the high content of Chitin that it has, acts as a biological repellent in the control of pests and fungi.

It is especially recommended for ecological and organic crops, which are sensitive to the attack of pests and where the application of highly polluting chemical inputs is not desired.

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"... this is not science, this is common sense ..."

Albert Albertson | Concept Creator
Resource Park Blue Lagoon

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Merida | Yucatan | Mexico


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